Since 2011, we have led the effort to provide premium event medical services for our clients with highly trained and certified staff that ensure the best possible care is offered in our communities. We work with our clients, community partners and local emergency services to ensure a 360 degree circle of care. Our seasoned, expert staff provide the highest level of care through evidence based practice and advanced training in emergency response planning allowing for easy integration into your event. You can expect the same level of care from our staff as would be on an ambulance, all while minimizing the impact or disruption that could occur from multiple unnecessary community emergency responders being called to an event could cause. We aim to ensure that your event is memorable, for the right reasons.


Our Mission

Our goal is to modernize the delivery of healthcare for our clients by emphasizing procedural transparency and integrity while providing the highest quality possible of comprehensive and accessible patient care. We can achieve our mission by minimizing potential risk of exposure and losses for our clientele, while ensuring the highest value on investment by providing a premium level of care that has quantifiable value.

Tourism London has had nothing but fantastic experiences working with Med-On-Site. When working with Dave and his team of professional staff, we know all aspects of Medical services will be taken care of, allowing us to focus on other areas of event management. We’re proud to be partners with Med-On-Site and highly recommend their services.
— Zanth Jarvis, Tourism London