Not Just First Aid

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a premium service at comparable rates. You won't get just basic first aid with us. All of our staff are highly educated, certified and experienced medical professionals. With over two years of College education, ongoing certifications and review, as well as extensive field placements in trauma and prehospital settings, you'll know you've hired the right team for the job.


Paramedic or RN

Our staff is entirely comprised of certified Paramedics and Registered Nurses, all of whom have had between 2 and 4 years of didactic education. All staff have also performed at least 400 hours of work in the prehospital environment, and many work full time in ambulance services or hospitals. They adhere to physician oversight for all delegated medical acts performed.


All of our staff are able to perform controlled medical acts as a result of their education, training, and physician oversight. Paramedic staff have a wide range of abilities on site including medication administration, IV initiation, Defibrillation, Trauma management, C-spine Protocols, Concussion management protocols and mass casualty triage training.


How We Compare

Med-On-Site Inc. provides certain services specific to event medical coverage that are otherwise unavailable, along with the ability to manage the impact of most medical emergencies. Our risk assessment specialists use a complex, proprietary algorithm to determine medical risk based on the best available evidence. You'll have peace of mind that your event will run as smooth as possible.