Q 1

Why don't you provide an Ambulance? I thought you were Paramedics?

There are a few reasons for this, but we'll focus on the main two:

1) The Ambulance Act of Ontario designates that only an "ambulance service" can transport a medically unstable patient to the hospital. This means that only the local municipally designated paramedic services can take someone to the hospital in a potentially life-threatening situation. Some companies may bring a vehicle as a show piece, but we're concerned it may give the public the wrong message if there's an ambulance on site, but it can't legally be used.

2) We're there to help you! Our medical staff are highly trained professionals, who provide the best pre-hospital care available. Our focus is to ensure the well-being of anyone who needs help and keep them medically stable, but our medics need to stay on site in case they need to be called on again to respond. 

Q 2

What are the differences between the services you provide and other first aid organizations?

First aid training is a wonderful thing, and we fully support having as many first aid trained individuals in the public as possible. Unfortunately, in many cases, first aid certification only goes so far.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that people receive the right care, at the right place at the right time. Not every medical situation requires flashing lights and sirens that detract from the experience your patrons are trying to enjoy, and Med-On-Site medics have the skills and experience to help make the informed decision regarding the best place to seek further medical attention, if needed.

Additionally, our physician-led medical delegation means that our team can provide medical interventions typically reserved for hospitals and the municipal paramedic service. Our medical professionals are certified and/or registered by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, or their respective College and all of them have several hundreds of hours of specialized hands-on training and experience in emergency medical care.

Q 3

How many medics do I need?

Every event is unique, with its own specific challenges. We realize that because of this fact, a one-size-fits all solution is not appropriate. Since we specialize in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, our event medical leads focus on determining the risk level of various kinds of events and evaluating the needs of an event. Med-On-Site uses a proprietary algorithm derived from research from our own events, as well as incorporating data from Western Canada, the United States, England, Australia and other countries to determine that you have the proper amount of resources at your event. Our goal is to ensure that you have the right amount of staff to face your unique challenges, providing peace of mind