November 24th 9am-5pm Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR Re-certification

November 24th 9am-5pm Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR Re-certification


For those who currently have their Standard First Aid and CPR and are looking for re-certification, our instructors will provide you with the proper training and instruction to prepare you to respond to an emergency with confidence by following the Canadian Red Cross CPR guidelines, supplemented with in field experience and real world examples.

Course content (Level C):

  • Preparing to respond

  • The EMS system

  • Check, Call, Care

  • Airway emergencies

  • Breathing and Circulation emergencies

  • First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest

  • Wound care

  • Head and spine injuries

  • Bone, muscle and joint injuries

  • Sudden Medical Emergencies

  • Environmental Emergencies

  • Poisons

  • Recovery position

  • Choking

  • Assisting with medications

  • Angina and heart attack

  • Stroke

  • CPR  and AED

  • Deadly bleeding

Course content (Level HCP):

  • Level C content

  • Jaw thrust

  • Pulse check

  • Rescue breathing—adult, child, and baby

  • BVM—adult, child, and baby

  • Two-rescuer CPR—adult, child, baby

Re-certification is comprised of 8 hours on one day from 9am-5pm.

All training takes place at 100 Kellogg Lane, London ON. Our office is located in the office tower entrance of the Kellogg Building. Classes are to meet in the lobby, your instructor will bring you into the building as parts of it are under construction. You will receive a confirmation email two days before you course takes place.

Important note: you must have a current valid First Aid + CPR certification issued within the last 3 years to take a re-certification course. If your certification has already expired, you must retake a full course. You may only re-certify once after having taken a full course; thereafter, you must once again complete a full course and may repeat the cycle. We also recommend re-certifying your CPR portion once per year — many employers require annual renewal.

SFA-C or HCP (Recert):
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If requesting Naloxone training we will require that you provide us with your Full Name and Healthcard number (as required by our pharmacist)