Concussion Watch

About the Concussion Watch Program

Unique to a first aid provider, Med-On-Site realizes the heightened awareness of concussion issues in sport has increased the need to be vigilant when the possibility exists that someone could be affected.

We have taken steps to identify those at risk before the problem deteriorates by adhering to these measures:

  • All staff are now trained by our own in-house certified kinesiologist in concussion identification through use of the SCAT2 assessment tool (used by the IIHF, FIFA and in the Olympics).
  • Med-On-Site offers pre-season baseline testing and seminars for coaches and league officials.
  • A 'Concussion Watch' list is provided to our medics so they can identify players and track concussion history and make sure players are properly cleared to resume play to avoid the increased risk of further damage.
  • Improved player recovery through early identification and rehabilitation guidelines.