About Med-On-Site

Med-On-Site was founded in 2011 as an affordable, top quality option for local first aid requirements. While some other companies provide first aid service as a side-business, Med-On-Site is a true "First Aid Only Company" with specialists in injury management and on-site treatment.

Our company focus is making sure that we have trained health care providers working in a first-aid atmosphere to make sure that our clients receive care from not only, knowledgeable and trained staff, but professionals who practice these skills on a regular basis.

Our staff consists of college or university trained medics, kinesiologists and nurses with experience and training in trauma and emergency medicine.


Med-On-Site Staff

Nurse Picture


Registered Nurses are a cornerstone of Ontario’s healthcare system. RN’s must complete four years of post-secondary education and join the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Our experienced RN is responsible for staff training and quality assurance.

Trained Medic Picture

Trained Medics

Our core staff is comprised of individuals having a two-year primary care paramedic diploma and certified with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to work as a paramedic in the province of Ontario.

Our medics have specific post-secondary education in emergency medicine and are able to respond and treat a wide range of medical emergencies.

Athletic Therapist Picture

Athletic Therapists

Our certified Athletic Therapist is responsible for providing addtional training to our staff. Athletic therapists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of athlectic injuries.

The aim is to reduce the severity and legnth of injuries, avoid repeat injuries and get athletes back on the field as quickly and safely as possible.

Note: Med-On-Site is a First Aid service. While our staff are trained to a higher level, these additional skills are not necessarily part of Med-On-Site's scope of practice.