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Med-On-Site staff consists of trained medics and nurses to ensure our clients are treated with the best medical care.

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First Aid Services

Med-On-Site Inc. is committed to improved patient outcomes by providing highly skilled, professional staff.

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Certified Staff

Med-On-Site is staffed by a dedicated team of provincially certified medics, Atheltic Therapists, and Nurses.

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Job Opportunities

Med-On-Site is always interested in adding qualified, dedicated professionals to our team. Pay is competitive.

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Contact us today with a description of your event and we'll get back to you with a free quote as soon as possible.

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What We Offer:

First Aid Support

Med-On-Site is traditionally focused on First Aid for sporting and athletic events. Additionally, we provide first aid coverage for other settings including corporate functions, fundraisers, festivals and conventions.

Our progressive 'Concussion Watch' program assists coaches, convenors, parents and players with identifying those at risk and ensuring proper medical follow-up for participant safety.

As a third party First Aid provider, Med-On-Site is approved by insurance companies as legitimate medical event coverage. Our staff are experienced dealing with allied health care professionals to make sure participant health and safety comes first.


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