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a new way to think about emergency readiness

Be safe, Have fun

the emergency service and medical care professionals at med-on-site can enhance your business or event and help you make memories, for the right reasons.


our highly-trained, courteous and diligent staff provide a wide variety of options that makes sure we have the best care for any venue, whether a restaurant, hotel, casino, stadium, public park or street fair, we can provide peace of mind and support the culture of safety and preparedness you work hard to create. 


A New approach

Since 2011, we have led the effort to provide premium event medical services for our clients with highly trained and certified staff that ensure the best possible care is offered in our communities. We work with our clients, community partners and local emergency service providers to ensure a 360 degree circle of care.

Our seasoned, expert staff can provide the highest level of out-of-hospital medical care available through evidence-based practice and enhanced training in emergency response planning to make the most efficient use of the resources available and integrate emergency preparedness and medical care with the rest of your event.

Our medics provide the same services available on an ambulance,  with the added benefit of being able to facilitate both the privacy and dignity of an ill or injured guest while on scene. We simultaneously preventing unnecessary disruptions and the unintended stress to your staff, guests and local emergency services by integrating with your team to facilitate a comprehensive, efficient and appropriate response to any emergencies that may occur. Let us help make sure your event is memorable, for the right reasons.


Upcoming Events


what we offer

medical services

Our medical teams are available to manage any emergencies as they occur. A combination of physician oversight, enhanced training and advanced skills means you get the most comprehensive medical care available in a pre-hospital setting.


emergency planning

Our professional teams want to enhance the experience for your guests by helping make the most of the resources you have on hand. We believe that in an emergency, the best possible outcomes occur when all staff know how to react and know how best to support each other.


first aid training

Our physician, nurse and paramedic practitioners can do more than just provide on-site medical care. Our team of professionals provide a high-fidelity training environment that is top of the line, while making it accessible for participants with any background.

Med-On-Site provides professional medical services to our valued customers that are second to none.
— Rob Lumsden, Western Fair District
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